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Keep your Volkswagen in tip-top shape

It is important that your vehicle gets the best possible care - always - even between services. Here are some tips on how you can contribute to the care of your Volkswagen between services, to help in keeping your Volkswagen running in peak form for longer.

"Running-in" Your Vehicle

  • Do not use full throttle.
  • Avoid high engine speeds.
  • Trailer towing should, if possible, be avoided.
  • New tyres must be run in for 300km to optimise adhesion performance.
  • New brake linings must be run in for the first 200km to optimise friction properties.
  • Do not over rev the engine whether in neutral or in gear.
  • Do not drive with the engine speed unnecessarily high. Changing up at optimum engine speed helps to save fuel, reduces noise and protects the environment. On vehicles with a rev counter, the maximum permissible engine speed is shown by the beginning of the red zone on the rev counter scale. The needle of the counter must not move into the red zone. Excessive engine speeds may damage the engine.
Do you need a Volkswagen service? Visit Alpine Volkswagen Pinetown for your car maintenance, Volkswagen service and vehicle repairs. Our service technicians are a dedicated team of Volkswagen specialists and factory-trained professionals who are equipped with the latest software and state-of-the-art diagnostic machinery to accurately assess your new or used vehicle. We only use genuine Volkswagen parts so you can have that added peace of mind.

Service booking excellence.

Alpine Volkswagen are committed to keeping you safe on our roads by delivering the highest level of quality vehicle servicing possible and ensuring that all service work done is in accordance with Volkswagen’s specific standards.  This is why we are sure that your vehicle’s operating and function reliability is never compromised. Book a service with Alpine Volkswagen for first-rate service delivery and workmanship.



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