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Volkswagen Economy Parts.



High-quality parts and outstanding repairs are always an investment in the value of your Volkswagen, even if it already has its 4th birthday behind it. With Volkswagen Economy Packages, we offer you Parts and fitting in Volkswagen quality, but up to 30 % less expensive.


Economy Parts offer tested quality at advantageous prices. They have been especially developed for Volkswagens four years and older and are slightly adapted series-production parts.

Ask for Volkswagen Economy Parts for your older Volkswagen.


Although more affordable than their counterparts, there is absolutely no compromise in the safety, performance or durability of Economy Parts. The parts have increased performance capabilities in older Volkswagens since they were adapted specifically for them. The reduced price is due to the use of altered structural design and alternative materials that were made exclusively for segment II and III models.

The reduced price is, therefore, not a condition of compromised quality, but simply due to the fact that older parts are inherently more cost effective to tailor make to older Volkswagens.


Genuine Parts:

  • Manufactured to the specifications of vehicle development
  • Identical with new vehicle production
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Production quality
  • Availability guarantee for roadworthiness parts for 15 years after end of production

Economy Parts:

  • New product line for vehicles four years and older for the price-conscious customer
  • Volkswagen expertise: manufacturing is based on a specific development process to the specifications of the vehicle
  • Time-value modified production specification matched to vehicle age Volkswagen Economy
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