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Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts.


In order to save you money and help protect the environment, Volkswagen have worked to become one of the market leaders in the supply of Genuine Exchange Parts. The exchange programme helps to protect the environment by re-using resources and also offers excellent value-for-money.


Genuine Exchange Parts are used components that have been remanufactured according to special processes returning them into new condition. With Genuine Exchange Parts you can save money and protect the environment at the same time.


When it comes to Genuine Exchange Parts, most people think of a repaired engine, and that's not entirely wrong. What is wrong, however, is the assumption that Volkswagen exchange parts – like the parts available at your local garage – are merely repaired. That is certainly not the case.


In contrast to conventional "repaired" engines, which can be bought from a used car parts dealer for a lower price without any warranty, Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts are as good as new – and sometimes even better. This is because even older parts are brought up to today's technical standards.


One thing is clear: Genuine Exchange Parts cannot be distinguished from new parts, either visually or in terms of their characteristics. The fact that both products come with a two-year warranty says it all. Only the part number gives it away: Genuine Exchange Parts have an "X" in place of the 11th digit – a symbol that attests to their sustainability!


The best thing is that you can rest in the knowledge that Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts are as kind to the environment as they are to your wallet. For more information, contact our Parts Department.

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