Golf R - It's R-Rated.

Golf R



Head Turning. Jaw Dropping. Heart Racing.

The Golf has earned a formidable reputation over six generations. And now with astonishing innovations built into the Golf, it’s time for the best Golf yet. Sovereign.Authoritative. The seventh generation Golf is a leader that personifies automotive excellence.


Instinctive. Responsive. Dynamic, sporty performance takes the love of the drive to an entirely new era. New generation TSI and TDI engines offer technology today that should only be available tomorrow. It’s another reason why the Golf is so much more than just a car. It’s the car that redefines the car. The car for those who love the thrill of the open road.


The design and construction of the Golf is based on Volkswagen’s groundbreaking MQB modular platform, a pioneering innovation in production. The resulting benefits in product development, material use and cost efficiencies has ensured that the Golf now has an array of features as well as cutting edge driver assistance and infotainment systems that were previously reserved for more exclusive models.


A unique and revolutionary feature is the lighter construction of the Golf that improves both fuel economy and overall performance. The weight has been reduced by up to 100kg to make the Golf lighter, yet safer than ever before. This also significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The Start-Stop feature with Brake Energy Recuperation is standard on the BlueMotion Technology models, while TSI and TDI technology and numerous safety and driver assistance systems make the Golf ready for the future.


Drivers wanted.


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