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The Genuine Parts Family.


Volkswagen Genuine Parts®.


Genuine Parts® are engineered alongside the development and production process of specific vehicle models. Genuine Parts® not only ensure the best quality with the latest technical advancements, but they also offer uncompromised safety, reliability and performance.


Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts.


Volkswagen Exchange Parts is an environmentally responsible initiative that not only saves Earth’s resources, but also offer cost effective vehicle repair options. Recycled and remanufactured with Volkswagen Genuine Parts, Volkswagen Exchange Parts uphold the same uncompromising Volkswagen quality and safety standards while playing an active role in saving our environment.


Volkswagen Economy Parts.


Volkswagen Economy Parts are developed to fit a broader range of Volkswagen vehicles in line with Volkswagen’s international quality standards by making use of a price volume strategy and design adjustments. Economy Parts are only applicable to vehicles out of warranty and four years or older and provide an affordable choice in keeping your Volkswagen a Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Quality.



The Volkswagen brand stands for precision, reliability and expertise, and for products that are known for their durability and lasting market value.


In producing parts for maintenance, upkeep and repairs, it’s also important to keep an eye on the big picture: the vehicle for which they were constructed. This all-embracing vision is essential to Volkswagen. From the screws for fastening individual parts, to the complex control units for vehicle electronics, every Volkswagen-approved part carries the accumulated know-how of the global brand.


Every step of the process, ranging from research and development to the distribution of parts, is performed either by Volkswagen itself or under its guidance and supervision. This convergence of expertise means that Volkswagen always knows exactly what is needed for each part to function reliably, in every situation and under every challenge, and for all parts to interact in perfect harmony.


You want to climb into your Volkswagen without a second thought, so you can just focus on the road ahead. You also demand a level of safety that not only protects, but also reassures.


Quality Assurance Programme.



Volkswagen Parts are manufactured in accordance with stringent Volkswagen standards and detailed technical requirements for parts suppliers. These specify the construction materials, design criteria, mixing ratios, etc., and are defined by Volkswagen AG’s Group Quality Assurance program.


To stay on the cutting edge of technology, top-quality products require meticulously controlled and closely monitored development, production and refinement processes. Not only for Volkswagen’s inhouse production, but also for that of its suppliers and their subcontractors.


Volkswagen’s strategy for assuring quality at every stage of the process is known as Formula Q, which includes detailed documentation of design specifications and approval criteria, as well as operational standards and inspection mechanisms built right into the production process. These all guarantee the highest standards of quality.


Volkswagen’s standards and technical requirements establish precise specifications for all Genuine Parts products, including physical, chemical and technical characteristics. They are the result of rigorous research trials, including physical performance and material compatibility testing. In addition to all official industry standards, Volkswagen complies with its own guidelines, which are often more demanding.


You can be confident of receiving top-quality products that always impeccably match the technical requirements of your Volkswagen vehicle.


Ask for Volkswagen Genuine Parts®, Volkswagen Genuine Exchange Parts and Volkswagen Economy Parts, for worry-free mobility.

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